Student Incentive Program
The credit union looks to reward our members who are students. To participate in this program the student must be the main named member on the account. The student must be a member at the beginning of the semester. Copies of grades are required.

Elementary, Junior High and High School:
Semester Grades (2 times per year - Fall Semester and Spring Semester)
An "A" or "O" for Outstanding = $5.00
A "B" or "E" for Excellent = $3.00
High School Diploma = $35.00

College Students:
Maximum age of student is 25.
Deposit made to member's account - $35.00 for meeting requirements of "Student Incentive Program"
Graduation Two year school = $50.00
Graduation Four year school = $75.00
Any exception will be reviewed and decided by the credit union manager.

Gift Cards
The credit union offers Visa» Gift Cards in the amounts of $10.00 to $500.00 at a cost of $3.00 per card. Our Visa® Gift Cards can be given as a gift or used like a credit or debit card. Plan now for the Holidays.